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MOTUSGI provides all new users of Pure-Vu® an efficient and programmatic approach to implementation. We support you every step of the way and ensure all physicians, nurses, and other unit staff are familiar with all functions and components of the system. Though the Pure-Vu system on-boarding involves a brief and low learning curve, MOTUSGI specialists provide hands-on education and protocol consulting in the early phases of the implementation program. As trainees progress and their experience levels with Pure-Vu rise, our specialists continue to support cases and provide preventive maintenance best practices.

Phased on-boarding program

Phase 1

Pure-Vu Program

Review of implementation program with GI Lab staff

Phase 2

Installation &
Clinical Pathway
(Pure-Vu Protocol)

Installation, review current protocol and introduce Pure-Vu protocol

Phase 3

Clinical Efficiency
Best Practices

Training, initial cases coaching, and execution of Pure-Vu protocol

Phase 4

Continuous Procedure

Continuous training provided via support from Clinical Product specialist, ongoing exam support, and service and preventative maintenance training


All Pure-Vu users are invited to benefit from the training and education tools we offer. We encourage you to contact us if any if you are interested in receiving additional information regarding any of these resources.

On-demand proctorships

Pure-Vu users are invited to observe cases performed by an endoscopy thought leader with extensive experience using Pure-Vu. We can also arrange to have a Pure-Vu physician expert visit your facility and provide guidance in your unit.

On-demand educational sessions

MOTUSGI facilitates ongoing virtual education sessions that are focused on current issues in endoscopy, the latest clinical data, and best practices using Pure-Vu. We encourage you to contact us for further information on upcoming sessions or we can coordinate one-on-one virtual education with an experienced Pure-Vu user to further your knowledge of the system.

Fellows Program

Fellows at facilities that use Pure-Vu are invited to attend periodic virtual education sessions that delivered by renowned endoscopy thought leaders. In addition, MOTUSGI offers research initiatives and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Education and Training Delivery
  • Research Initiatives
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

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