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Adequate visualization can be an issue in inpatient endoscopies in both the upper and lower GI tract, especially in patients with GI bleeding and multiple comorbidities.

Blood and blood clots can obscure the field of view in an upper GI bleed making it difficult to obtain hemostasis which can lead to extended procedure times, repeat endoscopies and suboptimal clinical outcomes. In the lower GI tract bowel prep is a difficult endeavor for inpatients that can delay diagnosis and extend hospital. Therefore, poor visualization can interfere with the quality of care and cause increased hospital costs which typically have a fixed DRG reimbursement payment. You and your patients deserve more.



30% of Upper GI bleeds have poor visualization leading to a high rate of second look endoscopies and high rebleed and 30-day readmissions rates.1



Clinical study showed of 8,819 inpatients at the Cleveland Clinic showed that 51% were delayed at least one night due to issues related to prep.1


poor bowel prep

Inadequate prep leads to a 29% reduction in identification rate of adenomas greater than 5mm.2

Poor Visibility Can Result In:

Longer Procedure Times arrow


Missed Adenomas arrow


Repeat Procedures arrow


Decreased Patient Satisfaction arrow


Delayed Therapy



Before Pure-Vu

bad bowel preparation

After Pure-Vu

cleansing of the colon

Visualization When It Matters Most

The Pure-Vu® EVS System is a single-use device that easily fits on standard and slim colonoscopes and gastroscopes to facilitate intra-procedural cleansing of the GI tract to improve visualization. It provides physicians support in addressing emergent or challenging endoscopies especially in GI bleeding and in therapeutic procedures where debris, including blood, blood clot, and other matter in the GI tract can impede visualization.

Pure-Vu EVS has the potential to:

  • Address emergent patients sooner, expediting diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reduce incidence of delayed, aborted, and incomplete upper endoscopies (EGD) and colonoscopies.
  • Reduce dependency on prep-regimes.
  • Increase quality of EGDs and colonoscopies in inadequately prepped patients and decrease follow-up intervals.
1 Colonoscope Oversleeve

Flex Channel

2 Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal

3 Pure-Vu System


The Pure-Vu EVS System is easily operated by the touch of a foot pedal. The Pure-Vu EVS Flex Channel fits on gastroscopes and colonoscopes without impacting visualization or the working channel.

At the Core of Pure-Vu EVS

The Pure-Vu EVS system is powered by three unique proprietary technologies that aid in effective and safe intraprocedural cleansing of the GI tract.

Pulsed Vortex Irrigation

The ONLY system with 5 pressure-controlled Irrigation jets using a pulsed vortex of air and water to effectively break up debris.

Smart Sense Suction

6x the suction area of standard gastroscopes, effectively removes debris more efficiently. The system automatically senses formation of a clog and purges the debris to keep the suction channel patent.

Smooth Glide Navigation

The Flex Channel features a proprietary material that minimizes friction with the mucosal wall, and facilitates easy and smooth navigation.

Pure-Vu Cleansing Performance


Product Code Description Specifications
PV-WSC-03-0 Pure-Vu® EVS Workstation Controller with Foot Pedal Dimensions (W x D x H): 10in x 15.7in x 11in 
(250mm x 400mm x 280mm)
Weight: 26.5lbs (12kg)
Electrical: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
EN-CRT-03-0 MOTUS GI® Endoscopy Cart Height: 59in (1506mm) [floor to IV pole in lowest position]; 69in (1756mm) [floor to IV pole in highest position]; 32in (806mm) [floor to support deck]; 38in (973mm) [floor to handle]
Max. Depth: 23in (587mm) [open casters to basket]
Max. Width: 25.5in (646mm) [open casters]
Weight: 33lbs (15kg)
PV-COL-04-1 Pure-Vu® Pure-Vu® EVS Colon Kit includes Flex Channel and umbilical section (5-pack) Compatible with standard and slim colonoscopes
OD: 11.7mm–13.2mm
PV-GST-04-1 Pure-Vu® EVS Gastro Kit includes Flex Channel and umbilical section (5-pack) with diagnostic and 1T gastroscopes OD: 9.2mm–10mm
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