Inpatient Upper
GI Endoscopy (EGD)

Emergent Upper GI Endoscopy (EGD) can be a difficult endeavor especially in an upper GI bleed where blood and blood clots can obscure the field of view which can be an issue in 30% of upper GI bleeding procedures.  This can lead to extended procedure times, repeat endoscopies, increased need for transfusion and poorer patient outcomes.  Not only does this impact the patient, physician and staff but can increased hospitalization time and costs.

Bowel prep challenges represent significant burden

Upper Endoscopy
Upper Endoscopy

We believe the new Pure-Vu® EVS Gastro System can help to overcome this significant issue through the use of its novel irrigation and suction capabilities.  Providing the ability to suction larger clots and other debris in the upper GI tract along with the pulsed vortex irrigation, while not compromising the working channel of the gastroscope allows added capabilities to address this critical clinical challenge. The newly FDA cleared device is already helping physicians at several institutions throughout the US.